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Welcome to the new NetTalk America conservative talk radio !  Formerly WTSA-DB.  We have great shows lined up for you and more to come like The Captain's America-Third Watch, The Kyle Warren Show, American Heroes Radio and great shows from the Firearms Radio Network.  If you have a show you think might fit on NetTalk America contact us and we'll review it.  Thanks for visiting, tell all your conservative friends !
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 NetTalk America Daily Schedule of Shows !
12:00 AM The Captain's America - Third Watch (3 hrs)
  3:00        The Captain's America -Third Watch (3 hrs)
  6:00        The Captain's America - Third Watch (3 hrs)
  9:00        The Kyle Warren Show
10:00        This Week in Guns
11:30         Practical Tactical
12:00 PM Gun Guy Radio
  1:00        Handgun Radio
  2:00       American Heroes Radio
  3:00      The Kyle Warren Show
  4:00      Off Road
  5:00      God and Guns
  6:30      Precision Rifle
  7:30      American Heroes Radio
 8:30      Reloading
 9:30      Practical Tactical
10:00    To Be Announced
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